How To Screen



A Documentary film by Elke Sasse, 80 minutes, Greece, Italy, Spain, Nepal, Portugal,
German and English subtitles. Other language versions available upon request.
5.1 Mix, DCP.

The film documents the living and working conditions of migrants who work harvesting our fruit and vegetables from Europe’s fields: Olives in Greece, Oranges in Italy, Strawberries in Spain, Blueberries in Portugal – Exploitation is the rule rather than the exception.
There is another way though.  This is shown by Fair Oranges from Calabria. 

The film delves into the worlds of the pickers. Backgrounds and solutions can be discussed in a subsequent conversation with experts.


Screening Requests





For screenings with discussions, experts can be requested on various topics:

Elke Sasse, Filmmaker, Director

Jonas Seufert, Journalist
Food-Supply Chains, Supermarkets, Supply Chain Law

Peppe Pugliese, SOS Rosarno
founder of SOS Rosarno fair trade oranges from Italy

Pape, or other SOS Rosarno orange pickers in Italy,
situation of migrant pickers in Italy

José Antonio Brazo, SAT Huelva
situation of migrant pickers in Huelva

Soumia Benelfatmi Elgarrab, SAT Huelva, former strawberry picker
situation of migrant pickers in Huelva

Dr. Franziska Humbert, Oxfam
Equitable business practices

Steffen Vogel, Oxfam
Global Supply Chains and Human Rights in the Agriculture Sector

Tim Zahn, Oxfam
Global Supply Chains, Human Rights and Migration

Jerome Coulombel
Carrefour-dropout and author of ‘Carrefour- The Great Scam’